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EFRI-REMThis website is for the EFRI-REM (Emerging Frontiers and Innovation – Research Experience Mentoring) Catalyst : A novel aspect of the EFRI-Catalyst program will be the development of the EFRI-REM Catalyst website.

The goal of the website is to be an interactive destination for EFRI-REM mentors to share mentoring ideas, stories, and highlight successes of the program. In addition, the website will serve as a location for EFRI-REM mentors to seek advice on handling difficult mentoring situations via the Mentoring Hotline. EFRI-REM mentors will submit their mentoring problems to the web site, the Catalyst PIs (Principle Investigators)will review the submissions, remove identifying information and post it for the EFRI-REM community to brainstorm how to address the situations.

The website will catalog each mentoring case and suggestions from the community. The Catalyst site will serve as a compendium of how to approach mentoring issues for current and future EFRI-REM mentors. Additionally the website will house additional mentoring resources for EFRI-REM mentors and copies of the developed mentoring philosophies of Entering Mentoring participants.

Our Impact

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