EFRI-REM Mentoring Catalyst Initiative: The EFRI-REM Mentoring Catalyst initiative initiative is designed to build an EFRI-REM mentoring community comprised of current and future science and engineering mentors. The overarching mission is to catalyze a programmatic change that positively impacts the mentors and the student/teacher mentees in view of the importance of faculty mentoring. We continue to use the EFRI-REM model of sustained mentoring to guide the future development of the initiative.

The Catalyst Program has three main goals:

1. Provide meaningful and effective training of ERFI-REM faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral mentors to impact the overall research experiences of their mentees.

2. Build an online community and web portal for EFRI-REM mentors to share ideas and provide support for real-time mentoring issues.

3. Strengthen mentoring relationships between faculty mentors and their graduate and post-doctoral mentees.

Mentoring Collage