Mentoring Hotline

The following figure illustrates the flow of information for the Mentoring hotline – that will eventually contribute to the Virtual Community that is associated with the REM mentors (and possibly the mentees),

Advisory Roundtable: consisting of diverse engineering faculty and seasoned REM participants (e.g., RET, Community College faculty) to advise on research and cultural mentoring issues. We will approach the following faculty:

Dr. Joel Ducoste –
Professor of Civil Engineering (NCSU)

Dr. Julie Ivy – 
Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering (NCSU)

Dr. Thom Hodgson –
Professor of Industrial Engineering (NCSU) – National Academy of Engineering member

Dr. Helen Huang –
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering (NCSU)

Dr. Doug Henderson  Professor of Nuclear Engineering (Wisc.) Community College Mentoring Expert: TBD High School Teacher Expert: TBD


Core Mentor Training Team: This team is made up of the PIs and the postdoctoral associates on the project

Andrew Greenberg and Janet Branchaw (Wisc.) and postdoctoral associate

Christine Grant (NCSU) and postdoctoral associate

Meet the team!

Hotline Form

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